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Arnica Sore Muscle Bar

“I had really painful tightness in my shoulders and neck from sleeping wrong and after one application of Freya’s All Natural Arnica Sore Muscle Bar I woke up feeling much better. After the second application my pain went away entirely. This is a fantastic product!

-  Lorien A. – pre school teacher 8/10/14


“I’m a gymnast, and I did a trial. I have sore shoulders and I rubbed some on one shoulder. After about 10 minutes, I could tell the shoulder with the Arnica Lotion on it felt much better and less sore. I recommend it.

-  Lauren C. 8/10/14


“Unbelievable, before I put it on my knee hurt more than anything. After I put it on my knee, it’s the only part of my body that doesn’t hurt.”

-  Dana L. 9/13/14


“I have taken arnica before for bruises and pain. Also I have used the pellets. But yesterday I came about this product and tested it for inflammation. I couldn’t believe the relief I got immediately. After using so many creams and ointments in the last 5 months since my car accident I highly recommend this product. I am a testimony of this product. Try it.

            -  Gloria T. 9/13/14


“This product is amazing. I was able to move my post surgery thumb and smooth out my scar tissue with less discomfort. Highly recommend!

-  Tracee C. 9/14/14


“I am 12 years old and I use Arnica on my growing pains and legs for soccer. I have tested this and after soccer with Arnica I feel so much better than without it. Another reason I use it is when I do back bends and about 20 min. after I feel so much better. As well as that my P.E. teacher works us really hard for example when we run uphill non stop for 30 min. so I keep Arnica in my locker. In closing this product is amazing”

-Brianna P. 10/11/14


“It works great and I find that it soothes my muscles quickly. I really enjoy this product.”

-Sid 11/15/14


“My husband has had psoriasis for five years. He has been using the Sore Muscle Lotion Bar for only one week and we can see an amazing difference in the appearance and texture in the lesions.”

-Dale D. 11/15/14


“Thanks for the Arnica Sore Muscle Bar. My 91 year old mama rubs it all over. We both have arthritis throughout our bodies. It works terrific! Been waiting all year!”            

                        -     Peggy Avalos & Pauline Varela

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